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Gold Cuban link chain or bracelet


The Cuban Chain features thicker, flat links for a more prominent look with a solid feel around your neck.

Gold Rope link chain or bracelet


The Rope Chain remains one of the most popular. The links twist through thick spirals, giving both strength and flexibility.

Gold Franco link chain or bracelet


The Franco Chain is a beautiful, thick necklace. The links weave in and out of each other for a pattern that commands attention.


  • For a clean minimal look, we recommend a 2-3mm chain. This thickness is also the perfect width for a pendant. 
  • For someone who wants their chain to stand out a bit more but doesn't want anything too crazy, a 4-7mm chain is great. These will be good for everyday wear, either on it's own or in combination with another piece.
  • We normally recommend going with a thicker bracelet. For example, a 3mm cuban chain will look good on anyone, but a 3mm cuban bracelet will usually look weird on guys. It is common to wear a 2-5mm chain but a 7-12mm bracelet.

For those that want a visual representation of what the width of your desired chain or bracelet will look like, this chart is perfect for you. Each piece is showed laying across a quarter (24mm wide).

Gold chain or bracelet link width chart
Gold chain or bracelet link width chart