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Diamond Ankh Pendant

$69.00 USD $130.00 USD


Also known as "The Key of the Nile," the Ankh is one of the most sacred and familiar Egyptian symbols representing eternal life. Individually crafted with the utmost attention to bring to life a remarkable, exclusive piece for the discerning owner.

This product is guaranteed for LIFE - If it fades, breaks, or tarnishes we will replace it FREE of charge to you.


Pendant Specifications:

     - 3/4" x 1 3/4" (Width x Height)

     - Weight: 5.5 grams


Material Options:

     - 18k Gold Plated + CZ Stones

     - Solid 10-18k Gold (Contact Us - $7,000+)

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We are committed to bringing you the highest standard of jewelry. We fully warrant the authenticity of our materials and are pleased to offer our jewelry patrons a lifetime guarantee. 

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Our materials are certified 14-18 karat gold, 925 sterling silver, and genuine rhodium and are in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and the Jewelry Vigilance Committee. We fully guarantee the authenticity of our materials.

 *All Solid Gold/Diamond pieces are made to order. Please allow about 3-5 weeks for delivery - as each piece is hand-crafted to ensure authenticity. All sales are final with this piece (lifetime warranty still applies).*

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